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From Bland to Bold – How Origami Creative reimagines brands in Bangalore and Dubai

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Imagine a brand that fluently connects with you, making you feel understood and valued. Imagine a brand that tugs your heart and talks to you that makes you feel understood. That’s the magic of exceptional branding. One that Origami Creative has honed over the last 23+ years weaving the brand wand for many businesses in Bangalore and Dubai. 

Origami Creative is a tribe of enthusiastic marketing professionals that exists to create tribes for you. A tribe that shares the common purpose of your brand, a tribe that is rooted in your causes, a tribe that believes in the same values as you do.

Origami Creative blossomed into a boutique creative outfit that has over the years shaped many brands from coffee to chocolates to apps to corporate houses, retail businesses, real estate, jewellery, hospitality and so on. Headquartered in Bangalore, Origami’s footprints are in Dubai, Mumbai, and Trivandrum.

Origami Creative is an agency that believes in strategic thinking with idea-centric storytelling. Reimagining a brand isn’t merely about changing the looks; it’s about reassessing your values, your vision of the brand, redefining the overall brand story and the message. It’s about ensuring your brand speaks the same language as your customers and remains authentic and relevant.

Towards this, Origami Creative offers a range of services designed to transform and elevate your brand at whichever stage of the brand’s journey you are in.

Strategy: Their robust strategies are game-changers. They deeply understand your brand, market, and challenges, crafting effective brand or creative strategies that drive success.

Ideas: A powerful idea that stems from a deep strategic insight, is unafraid to push boundaries for your brand. They work with you to unearth insights and develop creative concepts that resonate with your audience and make your brand stand out in a sea of sameness.

Content: Idea-centric storytelling has the power to capture your audience’s attention, engage and entertain them and thus make your brand memorable. They craft compelling narratives that captivate your audience across various media platforms.

Performance: Ideas without action are just dreams. They ensure your ideas come to life with the right tools and strategies, tracking and measuring success every step of the way.

Roadmap to Success: The 5D Approach
Brands attract followers when they are driven by a powerful shared idea, a goal and a charted path. Origami Creative’s unique 5D approach empowers us to uncover the DNA of your brand, identify the essence that attracts the followers of your brand.

Works that Speak Volumes
The proof of a pudding is in its taste. The hallmark of a successful brand is in its unique positioning, ability to connect with its audience with an interesting storytelling. Here are a few brands, their strategies and storytelling charted by Origami Creative.

Nishka Momentous Jewellery
Nishka, a jewellery brand in Dubai, was born out of a dream to celebrate life’s occasions and with a vision to transform every special moment in a woman’s life into a timeless treasure.

A woman’s life is filled with small and big turning points, milestones, events that are close to her heart. Be it her first dance recital, her birthday, her graduation, a relative’s wedding, her entrepreneurial venture or a job, her engagement, her wedding, pregnancy, anniversary – the reasons for joy and celebration are many. Some personal, some social – occasions where she feels a range of emotions – joy, pride, love, hope, shyness, desire (for success). They are precious moments where she is the centre of attention in her world.

Nishka gives form to those beautiful moments to cherish for a lifetime and shine the light on ‘her’ in her many roles/avatars.

The brand identity stemmed from this idea and the brand continues to wow its customers with its vision to transform moments into extraordinary ones.

Roach Lifescapes
RBD Shelter’s image was rejuevenated to align it with their current offerings, and reflect their vision for the future. Thus came about Roach Lifescapes guided by the strong value system rooted in the Roach family values of hospitality and care. To capture this essence, the new identity drew inspiration from the beauty of land and space. The brand’s expression ‘Yours Truly’ serves as the personalized expression of the brand’s hospitality encompassing everything the brand truly stands for.

Clover Greens
Clover Greens, originally envisioned as an 18-hole golf course and resort, underwent a transformation under Roach Lifescapes’ ownership, offering much more than just a golfing experience. The key insight that drove the idea was the understanding that in our ever- connected world, Clover Greens provided visitors with more than one unique experience. It was an idyllic blend of greenery, relaxation, and recreation, offering an elevated whole-in-one experience. Beyond just a golf resort, Clover Greens Golfsccapes became a world in itself, where people could play, learn, and unwind in the lap of nature, surrounded by family and friends. This was reflected in their refreshed brand identity and all the sub brands offering an array of experiences.

Unlock your brand’s potential
If you’re ready to elevate your brand, Origami Creative is your partner. More than your creative partner; they are brand strategists and storytellers. They collaborate with you to create a brand that is human, connects with your audience and attracts the tribe that you wish for your brand.

Get in touch with Origami Creative today and unlock the true potential of your brand.

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