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Where do we start? Let’s begin by telling you some things that we love.

Football. Donne Biryani. A good cup of coffee. Meeting new people. Conversations, within ourselves, our clients and their customers. Road trips. Sharing stupid memes. Spamming Whatsapp groups. Grills. Relationships. Treks. Netflix. Fighting for the right causes. And yeah, Ideas, especially that stupid big fat one. Does it give you a fair idea?

When we enter our zone, we are a hierarchy of ideas, not people. We’re not just Digital Marketing Experts strategizing Marketing Solutions, we are a bunch of passionate problem solvers who thrive on idea-centric storytelling. We challenge what comes our way head on. Be it a marketing problem, a notion, an idea or a thinking to evaluate all perspectives for arriving at insights and result-driven solutions.

We are always hungry for a good meal and challenges! If you have one for us, we’re game!



For starters, here are some interesting titbits.

August 15 th , the Indian Independence Day is our Founders Day.
The Date of Incorporation of Origami Dubai is earlier than that of Origami India.
Our first Visiting Card design was a relic and is still a relic.

If you want to know more about the above, just meet us and talk to us. Remember, we love conversations and a good cup of coffee.

The Origami journey is nothing but a dream journey. What began as some fun creative assignments during college days later turned into an entrepreneurial venture and as they say, rest is history.

In the year 2000, four young, enthusiastic friends right out of their colleges with an entrepreneurial spirit and fire in their belly got talking.

Origami Creative blossomed into a boutique creative outfit that has over the years shaped many brands from coffee to food brands to chocolates to apps to corporate houses, retail businesses, real estate, jewellery, hospitality and so on. Headquartered in Bangalore, Origami’s footprints are in Dubai, Mumbai, and Trivandrum.

Catch a glimpse of our work here.

With over 24 years of inspirational journey, Origami Creative has come a long way to build a tribe of young, enthusiastic problem solvers to solve every marketing problem – from branding strategies, creative communication and design, marketing solutions to digital campaigns.

The spirit of entrepreneurship still continues to run in the veins of the organization where every member of the tribe is encouraged to collaborate and seek solutions and be fearlessly creative!





We believe there are three sides to every story – Yours, mine, and the truth. We also believe that a story can be triggered based on intent, gap in the market or consumer insights. A deep dive into all angles for the story is critical to appeal equally to all stakeholders of the business brand.

The sides of the triangle serve as an inspiration to look at multiple perspectives, various layers to a problem as well as a solution.

This unconventionally shaped yellow flag embodies uninhibited, fearless thinking and sunshine perspectives.



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