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The Challenge

Red Road Healthcare Business Solutions, an expert clinical back-end services helps companies in the US achieve greater business efficiencies.

While the brand set out to expand their clientele in the US market, we partnered with Bloombox Brand Engineers to help them reimagineer their existing brand and give them a complete makeover.

The Strategy

We used our proprietary Brand Trinity model that included brand audits, SWOT and competitor analysis to fully distill the brand essence. This research allowed us to arrive at the very essence of who Red Road is – ‘Not a partner, not an associate. We are your extended team.’

This distinct value enables Red Road to bring their clients ‘The Power of More’. This brand idea inspired the brand logo and their visual language; and most importantly, affirmed a sense of purpose as they reintroduced themselves to the world.

We then set out on a mission to build a tribe for the brand online, to create brand awareness among the target group in the USA by increasing and maximizing their visibility on LinkedIn. The brand was completely new to the LinkedIn platform.

Considering the niche audience, we used industry-specific account-based targeting, and directed ad campaigns based on location, organizations and designations.

The Idea & Content

Our consumer insight told us that when it came to clinical services, organizations were skeptical about outsourcing and were concerned about transparency. The question was also of being cost-effective when outsourced or doing it inhouse.

Instead of doing a sales pitch, our key message appealed to the heart by addressing people’s problems and offering them a constructive solution. And that hit the right note with our audience.

The Outcome

Not only did Red Road position themselves in the market with a refreshed brand identity and had a unique story to tell, they were also able to create a strong digital footprint and connect with the desired audience backed by strong consumer insights.

The series of ads on LinkedIn resulted in garnering 305,965 impressions at an average CTR of 0.13%. The campaign ensured a substantial 76.8% increase in LinkedIn followers. Thus, Red Road was able to build their tribe on LinkedIn.


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