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Bill Board Designing Roach Lifescapes
The Challenge

RBD Shelters, a well-established real estate brand in Bangalore, found it challenging to maintain relevance in the ever-evolving market. While their name originated from Rainbow Drive, also known as RBD or Roach Builders and Developers, it failed to stand out amidst the competition. The perception of being just another builder limited their image, despite their expansion into hotels, industrial parks, workspaces, and resorts. The challenge was to rejuvenate the brand’s image, align it with their current offerings, and reflect their vision for the future.

The Strategy

RBD had transformed into a boutique realty brand with a distinctive focus on transforming land into people-centric life-spaces. They aimed to provide places where individuals could not only live and work but also be entertained, pampered, and truly feel alive. The proposal was to rename the brand to truly represent their essence and offerings. Additionally, each business vertical would require its own identity while being in harmony with the parent brand.

The Idea

Guided by the strong value system rooted in the Roach family’s principles of hospitality, care, warmth, and commitment, the Roach-touch was evident in every aspect of their projects. From home design to amenities, landscaping, interior design, and business conveniences, the brand aimed to make a positive difference in every customer’s life. Being a family brand, the personal involvement of each family member extended to the ‘hospitality’ aspect of all business verticals.

To capture this essence, it was only fitting that the brand embraced the family name, becoming Roach Lifescapes, a true reflection of who they are today and the values they embody.

The Outcome

Inspiring New Identity 

The new identity draws inspiration from the beauty of land and space represented through contour lines on a two-dimensional form. The insignia features a signature-style ‘R’ from Roach enveloped by contour lines, symbolizing Roach breathing life into land and transforming it into people-centric life spaces. With its rounded edges, lean strokes, and minimalistic design, the logo exudes a boutique and premium feel, perfectly aligning with the brand’s personality.

The Brand Expression

The brand’s expression is rooted in real people and genuine empathy that shines through in everything they do. The Roach touch is present in every offering, reflecting the hospitable and thoughtful nature of the brand.


‘Yours Truly, Roach’ serves as a personalized expression of the brand’s hospitality, encompassing everything the brand truly stands for.

Roach Sub-brands

To reflect their diverse offerings, the sub-branding nomenclature and design strategy for the brand’s various business verticals was updated to stay current with their present ourwork.

In conclusion, the rebranding to Roach Lifescapes breathed new life into the brand, aligning it with its vision and offerings. The brand’s identity exudes elegance and warmth, reflecting its premium nature while maintaining a down- to-earth approach. With a strong brand expression and distinctive sub-brands, Roach Lifescapes is set to embrace the future and build a tribe of enthusiasts of life.



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