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The Challenge

The Morickap Group is a dynamic and a well-established conglomerate from South India with a strong presence in multiple geographies and operates across various verticals, including hospitality, real estate, and jewellery. They saw a golden opportunity in venturing into the jewellery business in the Middle East market with opening their flagship store in the City of Gold, Dubai. With an ambitious business strategy of opening over 100 stores across the Middle East, Morickap group was all set to step into an overcrowded market with both branded jewellery from India and the Gulf region and several unbranded players in the local market. The challenge was to make inroads into the heavily cluttered UAE market, capture the attention of the South Indian woman in Dubai and get her to explore the store and experience the products.

The Strategy

The brand development began with an indepth understanding of the target customer – a woman and her life. We understood that every woman’s life is filled with many milestones. Right from her birth to growing up years to graduation to securing her first job to proposal to wedding to anniversaries and every occasion in between. Nishka was born out of a dream to celebrate life’s occasions and with a vision to transform every special moment in a woman’s life into a timeless treasure. Whether it is the joy of love, the celebration of milestones, or the pursuit of dreams, these precious experiences deserve to be treasured in the form of an exquisite piece of jewellery.

Nishka’s raison d’etre was clear. We are not in the jewellery business; we exist to transform special moments into timeless treasures.”

The brand was conceived to be sophisticated yet sincere; passionate yet responsible; focused yet joyful; inspirational yet humble. The brand that takes pride in its exquisite craftsmanship, artistry and a joyful customer experience.

Popular Indian actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu was roped in as the brand ambassador of Nishka. The celebrated actress is known for her lively personality and individualistic expression. She is someone who is unafraid to take a bold stance and lives up to her values. As the face of the brand and the campaign, her qualities perfectly align with Nishka’s brand ethos.

The Idea

A woman’s life is filled with small and big turning points, milestones, events that are close to her heart. Be it her first dance recital, her birthday, her graduation, a relative’s wedding, her entrepreneurial venture or a job, her engagement, her wedding, pregnancy, anniversary – the reasons for joy and celebration are many. Some personal, some social – occasions where she feels a range of emotions – joy, pride, love, hope, shyness, desire (for success). They are precious moments where she is the centre of attention in her world.

At Nishka, we give form to those beautiful moments to cherish for a lifetime. We create reminders of those precious moments shining through her lifetime. And we shine the light on ‘her’ in her many roles/avatars.

Inspiring New Brand Identity

Being a consumer-facing brand, Morickap jewellers had to rechristen itself to become more accessible, easy to pronounce and more importantly, stand for something to stay memorable for the consumer. As the brand would be elevating the woman’s life’s most special moments into pieces that you can treasure a lifetime. Thus the brand identity began with a brand new name – Nishka Momentous Jewellery. Nishka means pure, gold, a woman.

Nishka Momentous Jewellery takes pride in celebrating the woman and transforming the many moments that define her life into extraordinary treasures of a lifetime.

The visual communication begins with the logo. The circle at the core of the iconmark and the S of Nishka wordmark represent a woman and her identity. The various circles around it are manifestations of the many significant moments and milestones in her life. Together, the logo is inspired by the peacock’s plumage and its magnificent dance, which is a beautiful sight to behold and is symbolic of celebration of those special moments and milestones in life.

Sub-brand strategy for Nishka

The naming strategy of Nishka’s sub brands has an interesting story too. It follows the thought that what a woman chooses to wear as a piece of adornment is also a reflection of an attitude, a part of her personality. Nishka’s sub brands are an expression of a life mantra, an element of her personality, an attitude that she lives by. Thus were born… 

Bringing the brand identity to life

Nishka’s new brand identity and narrative was brought to life at various touchpoints and brand experiences.

Instore branding

Sleek interiors, eye-catching branding inside the store captures the essence of each sub brand with visual detailing and an etched look.

The brand manifesto inside the store enunciates the reason why Nishka Momentous Jewellery exists and its endeavour to delight its patrons.

Product packaging

Sophisticated packaging with unique colour identity allow Nishka customers to treasure their possessions. The packaging design is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing with its premium look and classy finishing.

The Outcome

Nishka was plummeted to success writing a unique story for itself in the world of jewellery business. With a differentiated brand strategy and holistic visual identity, Nishka made inroads in the middle east market and got itself the spotlight during the launch. An incisive brand strategy leading up to a brand name to a brand story to a brand identity is the hallmark of Origami’s prowess in idea-centric storytelling.

The grand inauguration of Nishka Momentous Jewellery was supported by an extensive print campaign, hoardings, bus branding and digital hoarding at the famous Sheikh Zayed Road.

A virtual 3D billboard announced Nishka Momentous Jewellery’s arrival in the Middle East in style.

Here’s what Khaleej Times says about the launch of Nishka’s flagship store

A virtual 3D billboard announced Nishka Momentous Jewellery’s arrival in the Middle East in style.

Here’s what Khaleej Times says about the launch of Nishka’s flagship store

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Nishka Momentous Jewellery’s flagship store at Karama Centre, Dubai enjoys an average daily footfall of 80-100 with an average of 40 billings per day, most of them are from the diamond creations.

Take a look at the Diamond Are Foreveryone Campaign for Nishka Momentous Jewellery.


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