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The Challenge

To create a compelling e-sim brand. From arriving at a brand name to defining a clear positioning and Identity.

The Strategy

To position Voyx as India’s first e-sim brand and to make it the avant-garde choice for the modern Indian traveller.

The Idea

Indian travellers are emotional and are used to the care and comfort provided by ‘our own desi service’. Therefore we want to provide a differentiated, tech-driven solution in the consumer eSIM space, that goes the extra mile, thereby becoming the preferred choice for data roaming among Indian travellers.

The Outcome

Introducing a brand that embodies freedom in every sense – from its logo to its ethos. Our logo, where the letter “V” takes flight, symbolises the boundless potential and liberation our brand offers to users. The lines gracefully transform into a bird, soaring over a wave, representing the seamless connection our brand provides, no matter the distance or obstacles. This dynamic composition is more than just a design; it’s a visual representation of freedom and a free spirit. Vibrant shades of orange pulse with energy and youthfulness, capturing the essence of our brand’s ethos – empowering users to explore, connect, and soar beyond boundaries.

Brand Expression 

Indians love the Internet. India is the fastest and largest growing internet user base. It’s a love affair that they can’t give up on. And they don’t want to be denied that while travelling abroad. But they are also price conscious so they are in a quandary.

Voyx makes sure that Indian travellers always have the Internet turned on at a price they can afford. It’s possible for them to have internet on the mobile and not be Wi-Fi dependent.

Internet independence declared


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