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Clover Greens Golfscapes Portfolio
The Challenge
Clover Greens, originally envisioned as an 18-hole golf course and resort, underwent a transformation under Roach Lifescapes' ownership, offering much more than just a golfing experience. The property now encompassed a space for relaxation, learning at the academy, and various other amenities. However, the existing brand identity did not fully convey the essence of the new offerings and the vision for the future. A comprehensive identity revamp was needed to reflect the diverse experiences Clover Greens had to offer.
The Strategy
The rebranding strategy for Clover Greens had two essential components. Firstly, the new identity had to encapsulate the primary essence of the space – the golfing experience. Secondly, it needed to showcase the various sub-brands within the Clover Greens family, reflecting the array of experiences available to its customers.
The Idea

The key insight that drove the idea was the understanding that in our ever- connected world, Clover Greens provided visitors with more than one unique experience. It was an idyllic blend of greenery, relaxation, and recreation, offering an elevated whole-in-one experience. Beyond just a golf resort, Clover Greens became a world in itself, where people could play, learn, and unwind in the lap of nature, surrounded by family and friends.

The Outcome

The refreshed brand identity artfully merged the symbolic elements of the golf ball, representing the core golfing experience, and a clover leaf, symbolizing the lush greenery and the golf course. These elements gracefully intertwined with symbols of relaxation and recreation to represent the resort facilities. 

Within a single circular emblem, the various elements of the Clover Greens experience were thoughtfully integrated, including the golf club, clover leaf, and more. This beautifully captured the idea of Clover Greens being a whole-in-one experience, both on and off the golf course.

The brand identity proved to be versatile, allowing for visual representations of the various propositions offered at Clover Greens – from the academy and resort to the clubhouse, restaurant, sports facilities, and beyond.

In conclusion, the rebranding effort successfully transformed the Clover Greens identity, aligning it with its new offerings and vision for the future. The amalgamation of golfing elements with the natural beauty of the clover leaf symbolized the diverse experiences the property offered. Clover Greens emerged as a place of holistic relaxation, recreation, and learning, uniting a tribe of golf enthusiasts in a world of unique experiences, all within the serene embrace of nature.


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