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The Challenge

Formerly known as Bliss Chocolates, Smoor emerged after an engaging rebranding exercise. The goal was not only to create distinctive packaging but also to establish a strong foundation for expansion into various retail formats, new product launches, in-brand stores, and retail chains.

The Strategy 

Central to the rebranding was a strategic idea centric approach, one that sought to transcend the mere attributes of the chocolate itself and embrace a more purpose-driven message, capable of resonating with people on multiple levels beyond the product itself. The ultimate aim was to elevate the brand by emphasizing the values it proudly embodied—truth, goodness, and generosity.


The Idea 

The central idea chosen to express Smoor as a brand was aptly titled “True Chocolate. True Story.” This concept was rooted to the core of the business and opened up boundless avenues for innovative and impactful branding endeavors.

The idea seamlessly translated into a botanical art centered visual language that was believable and most importantly relevant to the brand thought. This was further carried on to all of the product variant packaging designs as well as interior design too. 

As the chill of winter descended, the brand set out to showcase its essence through an inspiring campaign known as “True Goodness.”

In the spirit of the approaching Christmas season, Smoor also orchestrated a heartwarming initiative that encouraged people to engage in acts of kindness. The True Acts of Goodness campaign invited individuals to donate their gently used, warm clothing in exchange for a delightful box of Smoor chocolates. By doing so, participants not only experienced the joy of indulging in delectable treats but also contributed to a noble cause, creating ripples of true goodness that would touch the lives of those in need.

Strategically positioned outside Smoor’s retail stores, the donation boxes served as symbolic containers of compassion and empathy. The initiative not only attracted individuals from all walks of life but also fostered a sense of community and togetherness.

The Outcome

Through “True Chocolate, True Story.”, Smoor was skillfully able to translate its brand thought into not just its brand identity and a distinct visual language, but also into real-life actions, showcasing its commitment to making the world a nicer place. The campaign not only touched the hearts of chocolate enthusiasts but also inspired countless others to follow suit, reinforcing the notion that small acts of kindness could lead to a significant collective impact.

In summary, by infusing its identity with values of truth, goodness, and generosity, Smoor successfully extended its purpose beyond product offerings, capturing the hearts of consumers and cementing its position as a beacon of positivity in the chocolate industry.


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