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A Tribe of Levantine Culinary Masters
The Challenge

Introducing authentic Levantine street vegetarian food in India under the brand name "Habibi Falafel," our challenge lies in establishing a distinctive identity that resonates with the Middle Eastern roots of our cuisine. The existing logo lacks a meaningful connection to our brand story and struggles with versatility in different formats. The moustache symbol holds no relevance, and the inconsistent font sizes hinder its effectiveness, especially in horizontal signage.

During our audit phase research there was an IP issue for the brand name Habibi Falafel, that led us to revise from scratch.

The Strategy

Natuf is your window to Levant. When you step inside Natuf, you are transported into a Middle- Eastern street. The café is a culmination of different dishes from various countries of the Levant with a young vibe. Threads of various ingredients, colours, textures come together to create a final vibrant masterpiece. The warm interlacing of cultural fabric, people, tastes and stories weave into a beautiful motif.

Natuf is your happy space. The rich, delectable spreads, and desserts make people happy and content. The large heartedness of Levantine food is seen in the spreads of mezze and the gracious hospitality in the way the food is served. The warmth, vibe and energy of the place makes Natuf a happy place to be.

The Idea

Natuf. Levantine Bakery & Café.

We believe that the world needs to get closer and cultures embrace each other. What better way to do that than through cuisine?
Natuf celebrates the rich history and diversity of the Levant region which has been home to a number of civilizations dating back thousands of years. These include Greeks, Romans, Persians, Arabs among many others. This varied and storied history has had a significant influence on shaping the culinary traditions of the Levant.

We are a Levantine bakery and café whipping up authentic Middle-Eastern magic. We take pride in delighting customers with freshly made healthy, delectable vegetarian fare and distinct sweets from authentic recipes of the Levant served in a lively setting that is evocative of vibrant streets of the Middle East.

Contemporary. Easy. Vibrant. The Levant Vibe. The Natuf – The Levantine Cafe and Bakery experience is all about.

The Outcome

These are core ingredients that are integral to making us who we are. They are also our principles that help us navigate situations while staying true to our identity.

Right from the ingredients to the heritage of how every dish and experience is crafted, we bring authenticity to every aspect of the Natuf experience.

Our passion for the culinary arts drives us to strive for bettering the experience with processes, state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovations in our service.

Diversity and Inclusion
While being an ambassador of the Levant, we are rooted in the authenticity of Middle-Eastern cuisine, we are equally respectful and welcoming of the local culture and people.

Environmental Consciousness

We care for the people and environment around us. We take sustainability to the core of our business – from sourcing local produce that supports the local economy to caring to leave the region you occupy cleaner than it was.


We stand committed to deliver quality and maintaining high culinary standards.

Brand Personality

These defining character traits make our brand more human, help us bring the brand alive with strong visual, verbal identities and build meaningful connections with people. Natuf is youthful in curiosity, the desire to explore, mature in the ability to be discerning and appreciative of all things good.

Truly Levantine. Truly Baladi.


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