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The Challenge

Wipro, in response to the pressing COVID-19 pandemic, took proactive measures by introducing a purposeful product into the market – a surface sanitizer. Given the paramount importance of hygiene and cleanliness during these challenging times, it became crucial to ensure that surfaces at home, which were frequently in contact with individuals, were impeccably clean.

The Strategy

In order to effectively convey the significance of maintaining a pristine environment, we devised a strategic plan that targeted the influential figures at the forefront of home hygiene: mothers. Leveraging the power of Influencer Marketing, we collaborated with prominent actresses who not only possessed a substantial following of over 400,000 people but were also devoted mothers themselves. This astute choice enabled us to effectively engage with our target audience.

The Idea & Content

The core of our campaign revolved around the compelling brand proposition: ‘It’s not clean if it’s not Maxkleen.’ To strengthen this message, we devised unique brand properties that added depth and resonance to the campaign. One such property was the ‘Kleen-o-Meter,’ a distinctive tool that effectively measured the level of hygiene on any given surface.

Recognizing the significant role of mothers as authoritative figures in maintaining hygiene standards within households, we introduced the concept of the Chief Hygiene Officer (CHO). Through influential mothers, we emphasized that every family’s Chief Hygiene Officer was, in fact, the mother herself.

To effectively communicate the benefits and usage of the product, we developed a series of captivating animated videos. These videos seamlessly integrated our brand properties and leveraged the power of influencer marketing to create a compelling narrative that resonated with our target audience.

The Outcome

The outcome of our meticulous efforts was a success. The concise and impactful messaging embedded within the influencers’ content managed to reach an extensive audience, effectively capturing the attention of the campaign’s intended demographic.

In conclusion, Wipro’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in the form of an effective surface sanitizer, was backed by a well-thought-out strategy. By harnessing the power of influential mothers and leveraging innovative brand properties, we successfully communicated the importance of cleanliness and hygiene to a wide audience, ensuring that our message resonated deeply with the intended recipients.


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