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The Challenge

Polar Bear, a ten-year-old ice cream chain, was gearing up for a massive expansion and recognized the need to assess its brand to ensure its success. Our challenge as a creative team was to revamp the company’s branding in a way that not only resonated with its existing customers but also attracted new ones. However, we aimed to go beyond a simple brand refresh and embark on a transformative journey that would leave a lasting impact.

The Strategy 

In devising our strategy, we delved into understanding what made Polar Bear special and unique. We realized that its appeal extended far beyond the ice cream itself. Polar Bear had become synonymous with moments of joy, celebration, and relaxation for its loyal patrons. To leverage this emotional connection, our approach was to position Polar Bear ice creams as more than just a frozen treat; they were something to look forward to, a catalyst for happiness, and a source of genuine delight.

Our goal was to infuse the revamped branding with an array of specific themes: happy, cool, mature, friendly, and playful.


The Idea

Our central concept, Yay Sundae, was born from the notion of capturing the simple yet genuine emotions experienced when people are treated to something truly amazing – just like indulging in a tub of delicious Polar Bear ice cream.

We envisioned a world where the Polar Bear tribe comprised easy-going individuals who embraced life’s pleasures with open arms. Yay Sundae became more than just a slogan; it evolved into a lifestyle, a philosophy that meant that every day could be just as delightful as a Sunday with Polar Bear ice creams.

The Outcome 

The Polar Bear rebranding journey was a resounding success. The revamped branding allowed Polar Bear to reimagine its product offerings, introducing new flavors and variations that catered to diverse tastes and preferences. This newfound identity also helped Polar Bear solidify its position in a competitive market, carving out a niche that was uniquely its own.


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