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The Challenge

Bluestone, India’s top online jewelry destination, faced the challenge of enhancing engagement with its target audience across social media platforms and optimizing the effectiveness of its email marketing efforts. In response, we crafted a strategic approach that focused on appealing to the modern Indian woman, whose interest in jewelry was driven more by fashion and aspiration rather than investment utility.

The Strategy

Our strategy involved developing compelling campaigns tailored to resonate with Bluestone’s audience on social media platforms. These campaigns effectively captured the attention of the target demographic and generated interest in Bluestone’s offerings. To maximize the impact, we extended the same campaign messaging to the brand’s emailers and below-the-line (BTL) activities, ensuring consistent and cohesive communication across various channels. Additionally, we created engaging web film scripts to increase awareness about Bluestone’s services, leaving no stone unturned in boosting customer engagement.


The Idea

The core idea behind our messaging was to position Bluestone as a contemporary jeweler that catered to the desires of elegant, youthful, and fashionable women. By aligning the brand with the aspirations and preferences of its target audience, we effectively captured their attention and fostered a deeper connection with Bluestone’s offerings.

The Outcome

The outcome of our strategic efforts was remarkable. On Akshaya Tritiya, a significant festival for jewelry purchases, Bluestone’s reach surpassed 5.3 million, showcasing the expanded audience reach. Moreover, the brand’s engagement more than doubled, indicating the increased interest and active participation of the target audience in Bluestone’s offerings.

In conclusion, through our carefully crafted strategy, Bluestone successfully enhanced its engagement with the target audience across social media platforms and optimized the effectiveness of its email marketing efforts. By appealing to the desires of the modern Indian woman and positioning Bluestone as a contemporary jeweler, the brand resonated with its audience and achieved remarkable results.


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