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The Challenge

In the fiercely competitive landscape of local Indian sweet shops, Anand Sweets faced the formidable challenge of elevating its status and establishing itself as a premium brand, appealing to a broader urban clientele. The task at hand was to transcend the confines of traditional sweet shops and position Anand Sweets as a beacon of excellence.

The Strategy

To tackle this challenge head-on, our strategic approach focused on two key aspects: crafting a compelling brand positioning and undertaking a comprehensive brand identity overhaul, including a revamped packaging design. Our objective was to create an alignment between these elements and the targeted messaging that would resonate with the desired audience.


The Idea/content

Our central idea, “The Taste Of Royalty,” aimed to rekindle the allure and rich heritage of Indian sweets among the urban Indian population. We sought to evoke a sense of nostalgia and luxury associated with the consumption of these traditional delicacies. To enhance this message, we introduced a unique brand property known as the “Seal Of Royalty,” symbolizing the uncompromising quality and authenticity of Anand Sweets as a premium brand.

The Outcome

The outcome of our efforts was exceptional. By using vibrant colors along with elegant and minimalistic designs, we achieved a contemporary Indian aesthetic that carved out a distinct space as a premium brand in the minds of our target audience. This visual transformation not only set Anand Sweets apart from its competitors but also gave it a premium image which served as a catalyst for market growth and expansion.

Through our strategic positioning, revitalized brand identity, and captivating messaging, Anand Sweets successfully transcended the boundaries of a conventional sweet shop. It firmly established itself as a premium brand, capturing the attention and loyalty of a tribe of urban Indian sweets fans seeking an elevated and indulgent experience. The strategic steps we undertook paved the way for Anand Sweets to thrive in the market and position itself as a premium player in the industry.


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