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The Challenge

Chandrika, an evergreen brand with nostalgic memories for South Indian consumers, faced a unique challenge when introducing their new product, Chandrika oil, to its targeted customers in Kerala. The traditional white and green packaging failed to resonate with the audience, leaving the brand unrecognizable.


The Strategy

To address this, our strategy revolved around capturing the essence of Kerala within the product and its packaging. We wanted to evoke a sense of familiarity and connection with every Kerala home.

The Idea

The traditional method of making oil in a Kerala home was something every Keralite resonated with. ‘Kaachi Enna’ or boiled herbed oil was an age-old method of making herbed oil in Kerala. We showcased the entire process of making the oil in a traditional Kerala home, featuring the brass bowl, the oil, herbs, flowers – elements that were deeply rooted in tradition and relatable to Chandrika’s core consumers.


The Outcome

The outcome of this strategic approach was transformative. The new packaging artfully encapsulated these elements, preserving Chandrika’s signature green color while incorporating evocative design elements that spoke of the Kerala experience. The result was a product that customers could easily relate to, fostering a sense of connection and satisfaction.

By infusing the packaging with the essence of Kerala and its traditional values, Chandrika successfully re-established its brand identity and reignited the recognition and loyalty of its customers. The relatable packaging design served as a visual representation of the product’s authenticity and heritage, strengthening the bond between the brand and its target audience.

In conclusion, Chandrika’s introduction of the Chandrika oil faced a challenge in communicating its identity to customers in Kerala. By incorporating the essence of Kerala into the packaging design, Chandrika created a relatable and recognizable product, leading to customer satisfaction and rekindling the brand’s connection with its audience.


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