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The Challenge

After the COVID-19 pandemic ended, the management at Daimler wanted its team members to not only recognize the support the company provided them during a time of crisis but also look forward to a positive future together.

The Strategy
To address this challenge, we developed a comprehensive campaign, structured in three distinct phases to achieve measurable and meaningful outcomes. The initial stage focused on creating awareness among employees about the company's efforts and support during the pandemic. The two subsequent phases aimed at fostering greater interaction and engagement with the team, encouraging voluntary participation in a survey that assessed and rated the company's work culture.
The Idea
The central concept of the campaign, "Let's Fuel Progress," encapsulated the notion of collaboration and active involvement to drive positive change among employees. By highlighting the collective achievements and resilience during the pandemic, the campaign sought to ignite a renewed spirit of determination and motivation throughout the organization.
The Outcome

The “Let’s Fuel Progress” campaign resonated deeply within the company, generating widespread enthusiasm and engagement among employees. Inspired by the shared experiences of overcoming challenges through teamwork and cooperation, employees willingly shared their stories of triumph. The result was not only a remarkable increase in voluntary participation for the company’s survey but also overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the company’s work culture. 

As a result of the campaign’s success, Daimler’s workforce emerged as a tribe of resilient individuals, bound together by a shared sense of purpose and determination. The management’s efforts to recognize and appreciate their team’s contributions during the pandemic, combined with the emphasis on fostering a collaborative work environment, had a profound impact on the company’s overall morale and productivity. The campaign served as a powerful reminder of what could be accomplished when an organization stands together in the face of adversity, firmly establishing Daimler as a workplace that values its employees and nurtures a culture of strength, unity, and progress.


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