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The Challenge

Pure & Sure, an organic food brand, entrusted us with the exciting challenge of expanding their business reach across India. In the crowded organic food market, we knew that simply being another me-too brand wouldn’t cut it. We needed to craft a distinctive niche for Pure & Sure, and our consumer research provided invaluable insights.

The Strategy

Drawing from these insights, we arrived at a powerful conclusion: Pure & Sure needed to embrace a bold and differentiated brand purpose. Thus, the idea of the Clean Food Movement was born, fueled by the deeply rooted human emotion of protecting our loved ones from the perils of food adulteration.

The Idea & Content

At its core, the Clean Food Movement championed the unwavering belief that every individual deserves access to clean food, devoid of harmful chemicals and additives. To personify this vision, we placed children at the forefront of the movement. Their inquisitive minds and heartfelt questions ignited the passion behind demanding clean food for their families.

We set our sights on the digital platform to amplify the movement’s impact, complemented by strategic Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BTL) activities. Social media micro-influencers took center stage, initiating the digital campaign with intriguing teaser videos featuring kids passionately protesting against food adulteration.

As momentum built, the climax came with the reveal of the launch video, where children fearlessly demanded their right to clean food. The emotional connection struck a chord with the audience, further propelling the Clean Food Movement.

To unite like-minded individuals and foster a strong sense of community, we established the brand property portal, Through this portal, we aimed to build a tribe dedicated to championing clean food for their families.

The Outcome

The outcome of our strategy and execution was nothing short of exceptional. Pure & Sure’s Clean Food Movement struck a chord with consumers, setting the brand apart from the competition with a strong positioning in the crowded organic food market.


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