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The Challenge 

Sterling Developers, a well-established real estate brand in Bangalore with over three decades of experience, sought to relaunch their offering, Ascentia, situated on the bustling Marathahalli-Sarjapur Outer Ring Road. However, they faced a significant challenge in the current real estate market, where customers were hesitant about buying under-construction properties. Additionally, negative publicity surrounding the nearby Bellandur lake added to the concerns of potential buyers.

The Strategy

To address these challenges, we identified crucial insights about the target audience: many of them endured long hours stuck in traffic while commuting to and from their workplaces, especially those working in the IT hubs around Sarjapur and Marathahalli. This insight became the foundation of the strategy, which aimed to creatively inform the audience that Sterling Ascentia offered an escape from this daily grind. The focus was on showcasing the development’s convenience and accessibility, featuring a vibrant mix of offices, malls, and restaurants, allowing residents to reclaim control over their lives and embrace a more fulfilling lifestyle.


The Idea 

The campaign’s core idea resonated with the audience on a personal level, reminding them that spending hours in traffic wasn’t acceptable, and they deserved better. The central message was clear: life shouldn’t be about being stuck in things beyond one’s control. By choosing to move to Sterling Ascentia, they could break free from the mundane and monotonous routine and, #GetALife.

The messaging encouraged people to embrace a new way of living, one that prioritized convenience, accessibility, and a well-rounded lifestyle.

The Outcome 

Through compelling communication and a relatable promise of a better life, the brand garnered attention and interest, attracting a tribe of individuals seeking to break free from the drudgery of traffic and embark on a journey towards a more enriching and fulfilling future at Sterling Ascentia.

The #GetALife campaign endorsed by comedian Danish Sait was a massive success. On social media the campaign received the following results:

Total Impressions | 1.3M

Total Conversations | 7k

Total Number of Unique Engagers | 4.5k

Ascentia Website visitors | 70+% increase rate


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