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The Challenge
The iconic hospitality brand in Bangalore faced a challenge with its Pan-Asian restaurant, Szechwan Court. It aimed to shed the perception of being just another Indian-Chinese restaurant and sought a contemporary transformation to align with its reimagined future.
The Strategy/Idea

To achieve this, we drew inspiration from the mesmerizing art of Kintsugi, which featured prominently in the restaurant’s décor. Additionally, we pursued the idea of the Oriental worldview of appreciating the beauty of imperfection, encapsulated by the concept of Wabi Sabi. This Oriental philosophy celebrates the “beauty of contrasts,” which resonated with the essence of the restaurant.

The guiding principle of Wabi Sabi was reflected in the restaurant’s name, décor, tableware, and even the food itself. The design elements and communication strategies were carefully crafted to bring this philosophy to life, offering a truly distinctive and memorable dining experience for guests.

The Outcome

The outcome of our efforts was awe-inspiring. The brand’s refreshed image, rooted in the concept of Wabi Sabi, captured attention and generated intrigue among the guests of The Oberoi. Through our thoughtful design and communication, we successfully launched the revitalized Szechwan Court, creating an atmosphere that celebrated the beauty of contrasts. 

Wabi Sabi philosophy was reflected throughout the restaurant’s ambiance, tableware, and culinary offerings and well supported by the branding. This created a harmonious and captivating experience for diners. This unique philosophy not only set The Oberoi’s new Pan-Asian restaurant apart from other Indian-Chinese restaurants but also positioned it as a contemporary and alluring dining destination. 

In conclusion, our strategy of drawing inspiration from Kintsugi art and incorporating the Wabi Sabi philosophy brought about a remarkable transformation for Szechwan Court. The refreshed image, manifested in the design and communication, successfully elevated the restaurant’s positioning, generating excitement and intrigue among guests. Wabi-Sabi now has built a tribe of lovers of Pan-Asian delicacies, providing a truly captivating and unforgettable dining experience.


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